About me

This is Pooria Rafat Rasooli and as a person who works with interest and professionalism in the field of information technology, I am very interested in the growth and development of my work and expertise. I am very interested in latest technology in the world and I follow the news and events related to technology on a daily basis and use it to improve my knowledge.

I have good flexibility in teamwork and I always prefer working and studying in a purposeful, creative and active environment to working in a stagnant and routine environment. I have always tried to be the best at work and study if I was not the best.

My hobbies include meeting friends, technology and discussion, new gadgets, reading, sports (cycling, mountaineering, tennis and professional badminton) and, of course, travel, music and eating.

I strongly believe that nothing is limited if the Internet is not limited.

My professions

Design and implementation of VoIP telephone systems

Design and implementation of asterisk-based VoIP network systems. Corporate, storyteller, service and call center

Network design and development

Design and implementation of various types of local computer networks, cloud and its implementation, including purchasing, passive, active and support

Web design

Designing various corporate, service, store and personal websites with WordPress and Joomla content management system exclusively

Repairs and maintenance

Troubleshooting, repairing and updating hardware and software of various computer systems, servers and other related electronics

Feedback from professors and those who know me

Friends, partners and clients